Continuing Westfälische Naturisten-Tage (WNT) in September, there was the option to either hike or to bike on 24 September 2016:

Nude biking
Nude biking

The last weekend of September should again spend a nice and warm weather, so the initiators of the WNT offered a continuation: 17 naturists splitted into a hiking and a biking group and started their tour with sunshine at 19°C.

For the bikers, the airstream was still a bit cool, but the temperature arose quickly and reached over 25°C. 58 km made the biking group on their tour, the hikers needed an hour and a half longer for their 24 km.

Bikers and hikers in the north-western Münsterland were greeted with funny comments or questions.

The hiking group frequently passed farms along their trail, where they were often waved and greeted by joyous groups of children and their adult companions, while the men and elder youngsters of the farm worked on the corn harvest in 12-hour shifts.

Nude cyclists encounter hikers in the buff
Nude cyclists encounter hikers in the buff

Towards the end of the hike, a group of nude bikers met the group halfway. A sportive biker, who passed them at the same time, said: “I thought, I am lightly dressed. You do it right!”

At the end of the day, we stopped again for a bite to eat at the restaurant Das kleine Kartoffelhaus [en: The Small Potato-House] in Altenberge, where the naturists were served again exquisitely. Because a dinner in the nude in August in Altenberge has been well around, we also left here the German version of our informative brochure about nude life as information for interested restaurant guests.

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