Some of the nudevents in Münsterland in June / July had to be put onto the agenda again end of August expecting more stable weather conditions. On Fri 25 August, there was an option to hike or to do a bicycle tour.

Today, from the same starting point, there was a nude hike over 26 km for 9 pedestrians and a 52 km nude bike tour for 12 cyclists. The weather offered for both activities sunny and warm conditions up to 25°C, which again invited some to a bath in a lake.

The cycling group had numerous encounters of different kinds: with people, with horses, and with police officers – the latter had received several calls and spent more than 2 hours of their service to search for the nude cyclists. That prompted them, to ask the cyclists to be informed in advance about similar events in the future – then they could calm down callers right on the phone: “We know, that they are not doing anything bad.”. In addition, we noticed, that the bike path is in some places as narrow as an one-way road – but possible contraflow needs to be taken into account.

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