Andy Golub has moved his presentation on bodypainting art to a new website:

“Our mission is to share who we are as human beings, to build a community accepting of ourselves and each other.”
 –, on which a lot of videos on bodypainting invite to browse through and watch.

We present Andy's work also in the list of links concerning art with a reference to a video documentary “Beyond the paint”.

Aside from New York City, Andy's Bodypainting Day takes place in further cities like San Francisco, Brussels, and, Amsterdam, where the Bodypainting Day takes place since 2016. Artists, models, and spectators enjoy colourful presentation and natural joie de vivre.

A Berlin-based manufacturer of theatre make-up has decided in 2017, to promote Bodypainting Day as a sponsor, another manufacturer from New York followed as further patron.

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Hint – further free-range bodypainting events in 2017

In Germany, further bodypainting events took place in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Harz Mountains, and as a BodyArt Performance with elements of bodypainting in Münster, Westphalia:
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