Arnsberger AussichtsrouteA trail called “Waldroute“, [en: Forest Route] main hiking trail in the Sauerland, coincides locally with the “Arnsberger Aussichtsroute“ [en: Arnsberg Panorama Route]. This seemed to natury a suitable route as a training tour for the 2021 season: The length is easily variable between 8 and 12 km to choose, cumulative ascent of about 400 m promised a certain demand, without immediately appearing too daunting.

The views were indeed quite numerous for Sauerland standards: Several times, the view went over the city of Arnsberg, occasionally on opposite mountain scenery, and once on the Sorpesee. The paths were just as untypical for the Sauerland: Almost all of them were single-track, narrow, and grass-lined, with firm sandy ground and interspersed stones – there was gravel only on roads crossing the hiking paths. Perhaps quite barefoot friendly despite interspersed stones – natury did not check that out personally.

On the Waldroute in Sauerland Mountains
Image 1 of 6: On the Waldroute in Sauerland Mountains

Art in the forest: A poem by Joachim Ringelnatz on a tree trunk Art in the forest: The Forester's Work Art in the forest: A poem by Joachim Ringelnatz on a tree trunk invites you to linger, as does a bronze stele along the path glorifying the work of foresters. For a long time, the work of foresters consisted of facilitating the development of bark beetles by planting spruce monocultures and supporting the ailing chemical industry through the mass application of pesticides. Perhaps a rethink will now slowly set in?

There were initially only a few encounters from the start of the hike around midday: Two mountain bikers overtook him, and a car driver stopped on the parallel road to watch him taking photos. In the afternoon, he passed the Arnsberg district of Gierskämpen, where he encountered several groups and individuals – mostly with dogs. Regularly asked by their masters or mistresses not to bark, he called out to the dogs: “Just bark! I'll bark back!“, and they all loudly accepted this greeting.

Three grown-up boys caught his eye, standing motionless in the forest and looking down. When he got closer, he saw that each of them had his smartphone in his hand and therefore kept his gaze lowered. To call out "hello" to me, they even raised their heads briefly. The people in the Arnsberg Forest are simply cosmopolitan Westphalians and always ready for a quick chat. In any case, his outfit (trainers and straw hat) was not worth a remark.
In the last third of the hike, the trail went steadily uphill from the valley of the Stockumer Bach (205 m) to the Seltersberg (302 m) – at the end with a hiking speed of maybe 2 km/h. At the car, he could finally change his shoes and dry the sweat from his body. Unfortunately, he didn't have any ointment or tincture for the knee joint and calf muscles. One thing was clear to him: He needs more training.
View from Seltersberg Mountain over the town of Arnsberg
Image 6 of 6: View from Seltersberg Mountain over the town of Arnsberg

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