For more than a year, pandemic-related restrictions have led to most people moving less than before. It took a considerable amount of self-discipline to reduce calorie intake to the same extent as calorie consumption in order to keep body proportions in line. Not everyone succeeded – but even if self-discipline was not enough, it is easy to realise, that everyone always has their weight development in their own hands, and that it is never too late to make corrections.
Image 1 of 5: Hiking in Baumberge Mountains (Münsterland)        
It was therefore our basic motivation Baumberge – archaeological ground monuments to train and thus get fit for SNT and TNT 2021. In the “Baumberge“ (, there are some ground monuments, rests of natural medieval defence measures called “Landwehr“ [en: land defence] (
Some information on restrictions to protect these ground monuments is obviously new. We looked for and found other ways to get around these monuments, so that future generations can also get an impression of them. We shortened the planned hiking route: Instead of the planned 17 km and 500 m of difference in altitude, we did only 15 km and 430 m of difference in altitude – Münsterland, well known as a quite flat region, also offers such challenges.
Together with my tour with Jürgen the day before, this resulted in ca. 31 km and 1,070 m of difference in altitude in two days – for a start, I am satisfied.
– Report and photos: Rainer

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