Young naturists, organised in the German “Bund junger Naturisten (BjN) e. V.” [en: Asociation of young naturists], did a hike in Vogtland (Saxony) hiked in the buff. In between, they visited Pöhl Dam, Triebtal Valley, Weiße Elster River, as well as Mosenturm Tower on the Eisenberg Mountain. Unfortunately, no time was left to visit the biggest naturist beach within Germany near Helmsgrün, but from the lookout on the Mosenturm, we got a positive impression.

Our hike of young naturists did not only lead along official hiking trails, but we had some fun hiking sondern gerne auch cross-country through meadows and fields, forests and canyons as well as along raging rivers (Weiße Elster). We did a large part of the hike in natural areas, where rarely other people are.

This also made it possible, to experience nature in a special way for a while. Barefoot and only dressed with the rucksack, we could cover a small part of the way. All the young participants found the barefoot experience very pleasant. It was also possible for us, to have an undisturbed naturist picnic halfway along the route. With summery 20°C and direct sunlight, this rest was one of the highlights of this section of the route and urgently necessary for the growling stomachs. Late in the evening, we arrived back in Berlin and are sure: We will come back!

Hint: For the protection of our youthful members, we unfortunately cannot show photos of our members. Besides the photos in the blog on our website we can only show naturist photos of our national leader, who also guided the youth group during the hike.
German Text and photos: © Bund junger Naturisten (BjN) e.V.
– Courtesy of BjN –

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