At the beginning of the considerations on children and nudity, I have to cite a advisement of the philosopher Bertrand Russell: "When children grow up, without experiencing their parents and other people occasionally naked, the children must necessarily develop a feeling, that there is a secret, and when they have that feeling, they become prurient and indecent1)."

For children, nudity is self-evident. Teaching them, to be ashamed of their nude body, is laboriously (because incom¬pre-hensible) and fiercely (because unnecessary). Of course children, therefore instantly put their heart and soul in, if they are permitted to romp around on the beach in the nude, on the meadow or in the water. They will discard their artificially instilled, unnatural shyness of joyous nudity quickly at the next opportunity. First and foremost, they are most grateful, that they are freed from the constant reprimand: "Just do not dirty your clothes!"

Children are an important part of the philosophy of life for the naturist: Parents hand over the tradition of naturism to their children. They grow up from the outset with nudity as a natural, animating elixir.

Naturally, the education to tolerance, understanding, and willingness to help others developes almost self-evident, because the lack of protection and vulnerability associated with nudity requires more tolerance, understanding and willingness to help in daily life, and this is constantly practiced in the naturists' community.

Naturally, the free development of the personality is easier for a naturist child to achieve, since it daily experiences, that people are equal, but for this reason, they respect each other in their individuality and personality.

Of course, naturist children are happier, because, at least for a part of their lives, they may move around free from the constraints, which civilisation constantly imposes on other children: To be required to wear clothes and not to get the permit, to get dirty.

As a matter of course, the sex education of naturist children is easier, because they have from childhood naturally nude and relaxed the experience, how humans of the other sex look like.

Of course, naturist children will evolve into particularly clever and practical-minded adults, because their development is constricted less from anxieties and interdictions.

Allow your children the development of a free spirit, of a healthy soul and a strong personality!


Link (new window) to a website on naturism by Lorenz Kerscher ( – in German):
"Freiheit für Kinder" [en: "Freedom for children"]


1) Marriage and Morals by Bertrand Russell: Ch. 8, p. 116

Full cit.:
»The taboo against nakedness is an obstacle to a decent attitude on the subject of sex… It is good for children to see each other and their parents naked whenever it so happens naturally. There will be a short period, probably at about three years old, when the child is interested in the differences between his father and his mother, and compares them with the differences between himself and his sister, but this period is soon over, and after this he takes no more interest in nudity than in clothes. So long as parents are unwilling to be seen naked by their children, the children will necessarily have a sense that there is a mystery, and having that sense they will become prurient and indecent. There is only one way to avoid indecency, and that is to avoid mystery.«
 • Ch. 8, p. 116"