Westphalian Naturist Days (WNT [de: Westfälische Naturisten-Tage]) took place from Sat 7 to Sun 15 August. Approx. 60 naturists had enrolled in one, several, or all days of this WNT. Although weather was not perfect all time for naturists outdoors, we had quite a good luck and could enjoy these days mostly.
We ended on last Saturday with a breakfast buffett in the nude, an option to play skittles, and a short hike afterwards – followed by a 20 km hike with an option for distance swimming on last Sunday. Angela and Jochen report about this.
On Friday, we had the first WNT paddling tour – with a demanding surprise.
During four days from Monday to Thursday, you could decide, either to ride a bike in the buff over approx. 45 to 50 km each or to hike. The length of the hikes in the buff started with 15 km, then offered 16 km, followed by 20 km on Wednesday. On Thursday, you could do 20 km again or do only one half, because we had this day's main rest after 10 km on the same car park, where we started and ended the whole hike.
We started with a weekend in Teutoburger Wald [en: Teutoburg Forest], uplands north of Münsterland, for 31 km and 660 m difference in altitude, to get some training and to show, that mostly quite flat Münsterland also offers challenges for hikers and also for climbers.
Although, the weather was a little bit challenging during the first days, we could do a lot of naturist-alike naktivities mostly in the buff. After these days, some decrease in temperature, more wind, and some rain happened, so that we are happy, to have chosen an appropiate 9-days long time in August 2021.
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<br />Sat 7: In time for the last day of the 2021 Olympic competitions in Tokyo, the nude hikers are already training on the Vogelbeeren-Pfad [en: Rowan (Berry) Trail] for their discipline on the balance beam.
Sat 7: Olympic competitions training on the Vogelbeeren-Pfad. <br />Sun 8: Today's group of nude hikers on the Hermannsweg <br />Mon 9: The best thing about cycling is the break. <i>Photo: Friedhelm</i> <br />Tue 10: Cycling under wind turbines is normal in Münsterland. <i>Photo: Friedhelm</i> <br />Wed 11: Cycling through the countryside – take a break at the next meadow. <i>Photo: Friedhelm</i> <br />Thu 12: Group photo on a bridge of the Ems River <br />Fri 13: Paddling is like knitting – two right / two left <br />Sat 14: All together in the altogether at a restaurant's table. <br />Sun 15: Distance swimming in Ems River. <i>Photo: Angela</i>

– Report: Rainer; photos: Rainer, except denoted ones


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