Saarland is a region in the south-west of Germany next to Luxembourg and France. Some naturists from Germany and Luxembourg, who had met for a couple of days in Palatinate near to Saarland, now continued hiking in the buff and enjoying the regional kitchen in the Saarland.

► Thu 1 June: Nude hiking on a trail called Traumschleife Georgi-Panorama [2 June 2017]

After our arrival in the hiking area of Saarland and Hunsrück full of “dream loops”, where we were going to hike the Traumschleife Georgi-Panorama [en: Dream Loop Georgi Panorama], we started it near Losheim with many beautiful views and a 360° panorama for our warming-up. In the afternoon, we completed this hike by a visit to a café in Merzig and after that a good meal in the beer garden of the microbrewery Merziger Brauhaus.

Traumschleife Georgi-Panoramaweg
Traumschleife Georgi-Panoramaweg

► Fri 2 June: Dream Tour Beckinger Saar-Blicke [3 June 2017]

We were going to hike Dream Tour Beckinger Saar-Blicke [en: Looks onto the Saar River near Beckingen] 14 km at 27°C and sunshine in a varied landscape, while a look at the industrial facilities along the Saar River opened up again and again: factories, power stations, headframes …

A green-chatoyant beetle caught attention in the meantime, because nobody knew his name. As always, some of the nude hikers did not waste the opportunity to immerge into the spring-cold water of a brook.

Who knows my name?
Who knows my name?

Bath in a brook
Bath in a brook

In the evening we discovered in 'Merzig' the Italian restaurant Sant 'Angelo, where they served an excellent 'filet de beuf (bleu)' in Barolo sauce or a fish platter, with the consistency of the salmon fillet inside still tender and juicy, to us gourmets.

Addendum on 4 June 2017:
The beetle is called Rosenkäfer (cetonia aurata) [en: rose chafer].
Many thanks for this information to Axel G.!

► Sat 3 June: 2 Valleys Dream Tour near Weiskirchen [3 June 2017]

At midday, the weather forecast threatened us with rain and thunderstorms at 24°C, but it remained dry with changing clouds, so we could carry out the 2-valleys-tour without any problem. The two-valleys path connects Hölzbach Valley near Losheim-Waldhölzbach with Holzbach Valley near Weiskirchen.

We went around the village of Waldholzbach. There were some surprised reactions by hiking groups, which encountered us and had not heard of textile-free hiking so far. However, everyone answered our friendly greetings and we could also answer some questions.

Discussion on the matter of leaves of beech trees
Discussion on the matter of beech tree leaves

We spent the evening, due to the excellent experience the evening before, at the same Italian restaurant Sant' Angelo, where we got again very best dishes.

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