Sächsische Nacktwander-Woche (SNW) [en: Week of Nude Hikes in Saxon Switzerland] attracted naturists from several parts of Germany as well as from some other countries in 2018. It took place from 4 to 12 August.

SNW 2018 photo album

 ► Sat 4 Aug: Hike in the nude to the Gohrisch and the Papststein [5 August 2018]

4 August 2018: View from the Gohrisch in direction to the PfaffensteinThe Gohrisch (falsely also Gohrischstein) is located about four kilometres southeast of Königstein in the middle of a plateau called Ebenheit, which is still dominated by further rocky mountains. Surrounding mountains are Papststein [en: Pope's Stone], Kleinhennersdorfer Stein [en: Kleinhennersdorf Stone] and the Lasensteine. At the foot of the Gohrisch, there are the small towns Gohrisch (same name as one of the stones) and Papstdorf, which belong to the municipality of Gohrisch. 20180804 Through the Papststein aOn the eastern side, there is the Specksteinstollen [en: Soapstone Gallery], a witness of earlier mining experiments. In the immediate vicinity, there is a small, overgrown quarry, in which basalt was mined as road gravel.

As early as 1780, Papststein was opened up by a path (Alter Weg [en: Old Path]), which, however, is no longer accessible today. The gorge on the eastern climb was made accessible in 1845. In 1858, a wooden pavilion was erected on the summit, then in 1862 a mountain inn, which still exists today.

A team of British TV station ITV accompanied a group of nude hikers. Thus, the approach of hiking in the buff is also becoming more widespread internationally.

SNW 2018 photo album

 ► Sun 5 Aug: Bernhardstein and Labyrinth - Highlights near Bielatal Valley [5 August 2018]

5 August 2018: Please everyone smile on the Berhardstein“I have rarely been so enthusiastic about a panorama of a relatively unknown mountain in Saxon Switzerland20180805 Descent in steps, as I was about the Bernhardstein. The mountain of a height of 424 m above sea level, formerly known as Kegelstein, got its name from a Hermsdorf manor owner, who promoted the touristic development of the mountain. After its development, the mountain became a popular look-out into the Bielatal Valley and into the ‘world of stones’.”
 – Translated cit. by “Matthias, the Saxon, who explores here everything.”

SNW 2018 photo album

 ► Tue 7 Aug: Hike at Hockstein or ride an inflatable boat on the Elbe River [7 August 2018]

20180807 Boat tour on the river Elbe: Low waterOn Tuesday, we had the choice between 20180807 Lick an icecream in  the town Kurort Rathena hike in the nude or to ride an inflatable boat on the Elbe. 10 naturists rode the boat from Königstein to Pirna. In between, we took a rest near the ferry at the town Kurort Rathen [en: Spa Town Rathen], to refresh ourselves in the nude together with textile-wearing people – mostly families – by licking icecream or drinking cool buttermilk-elderberry beverages.

20180807 Hockstein: Look-out in direction of Hohnstein Castle17 participants opted for a classical 20180807 Nude rest in a beer gardenhike in the nude, which we started at a car park near the Hockstein. Later, we had a impressive look-out to Hohnstein Castle. The following descent led over ladders worked adventurously into narrow stone gaps. Due to the sunshine, the temperature went up to over 30°C, only in the caves and the Gautschhöhle [en: Gautsch Grotto], the air was clearly cooler. In the beer garden at Waltersdorfer Mühle [en: Waltersdorf Mill], we could rest in the buff to enjoy coffee, ice, sausages, and beer. Other dressed guests were very interested in our way of hiking and started detailed conversations. Finally we went up the Polenztal Valley and arrived after a difficult final climb at the Hockstein.

SNW 2018 photo album

 ► Wed 8 Aug: Hiking near Radebeul or on the Hoher Schneeberg [10 August 2018]

8 August 2018: Group picture in front of Moritzburg CastleThe hike took place near Radebeul. It had a length of 18 km in total, if you wanted to enjoy Schloss Moritzburg [en: Moritzburg Castle] as a highlight.

As an alternative, Helmut “natury” chose 20180808 Decinsky Sneznik view into the valley of the Elbe River and the city of Decin (Tetschen)a short hike of a length of 5.5 km – but with 200 m ascent on a 2 km track – with the goal of the Hundewand near Hoher Schneeberg in Bohemian Switzerland, from where a broad panorama view into the valley of the Elbe and the city of Decin was available. At the inn at the look-out tower, he had an ice cream and Viennese coffee.

SNW 2018 photo album

 ► Thu 9 Aug: Schrammsteine and Breite Kluft – Shadow in the forest before arrival of a cold front [10 August 2018]

9 August 2018: Ascent in foggy, humid air28 Participants first descended from Ostrau to the Zahnsgrund [en: Bottom of the Tooth], where the wetness of the previous evening's rain remained in the foggy air, which made the ascent to the Schrammtor extremely sweaty. 9 August 2018: Lookout pulpit bOn top of the Schrammsteine [en: Scratchy Stones], meanwhile a light, dry wind blew again, which quickly made forget the strain of the ascent.

Once again, the temperate went up to 34°C, so that everyone was glad, that the way led us predominantly through half shade of the forest. Nevertheless, we enjoyed further look-outs like at the Breite Kluft [en: Wide Gap]. We splitted into two groups: A fast group, because they had to pick up a repaired car at a garage in the afternoon before close of business, and a slow group without such time constraints.

SNW 2018 photo album

 ► Sun 12 Aug: From Kirnitzschtal Valley to Affensteine and Carolafelsen [12 August 2018]

12 August 2018, Carolafelsen: Arrived on topFrom the Kirnitzschtal Valley near Bad Schandau through the Wilde Hölle [en: Wild Hell] to the Affensteine and the Carolafelsen (Why is the name not Carolastein, although it is sandstone?).

A young couple took the opportunity, 12 August 2018: Group photo with interested guests to hike in clothes with us and to get an idea of our community. While he had to return early, she accompanied us until the end of the hike and told us, that she enjoyed it so much, that she would like to accompany us again.

12 August 2018: There is no other way backShortly before our return to the Kirnitzsch Creek, another young couple showed interest in nude hiking and our naturist lifestyle. The conversation soon changed from German to English, when it became clear, that she understood English better. They accompanied us to our bathing place. Both did not hesitate long to our invitation from the water “Come in. It is refreshing.”: They undressed and came into the Kirnitzsch. She answered the question “Where are you from?” with “Columbia, Bogotá.” Her friend from Hanover, where both now live, had met her during his studies in Spain. She is now learning German as her next language.

SNW 2018 photo album

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