The ‘special meeting’ by Petra and Uwe is always fun for approx. 40 naturists in a rented hut in Harz Mountains near Clausthal-Zellerfeld.

As part of the naturist days, 13 of the naturists took part in a body painting. After the already traditional presentation of our body art works between the church and town hall in Clausthal, some indulged in a delicious ice cream. The other guests and passers-by initially showed their surprise at the colourful ‘clothes’, but then greeted us back in a friendly manner and took an unusual souvenir home with them.

Art outside – Cooling down inside Wearing colourful art all together in the altogether

After the trip to Clausthal, some of us did a short hike before dinner. We encountered a family with two boys and two girls. They obviously had a lot of fun in view of our picturesque skin art, and when we told them about having ice cream in Clausthal, they had to laugh out loudly – their cheerfulness sounded for quite a while.

– Report: Rainer; photos: Helmut

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