I'm going to initiate a naktivity myself

You initiate a naktivity: Many naturists celebrate you and – perhaps –  your lifestyle is topic in the news!
You initiate a naktivity: Many naturists celebrate you!

You have already worked out the details for a naktivity and have chosen a date? Also, you would like to offer others to accompany you? Then, you may log-in as a user of the calendar of naktivities with your personal credits. If you do not have enregistered a personal user account, just do it once. After having logged-in, create a new entry.

How do I use the registration form on the natury website?

You may offer a registration form to interested persons on To get this ramped-up for you, pls send an e-mail to with subject "meld2021 - New entry" and the URL to your entry in the calendar of naktivities – in order to add a new entry to the registration form, natury needs your name and an e-mail address, to which registrations shall be sent. After having set up the registration form for your naktivity, the natury server will forward incoming registrations to the e-mail address, you specified for this purpose, without further manual intervention.

Registration using the natury registration form offers several advantages:

  • Registrations sent from there to your e-mail address have a uniform format, which you can load into a spreadsheet table.
  • There is a tool for that purpose. Just download the file """ and unZIP it into a directory of your choice onto a computer running Windows.
  • Save every incoming application mail as text file "mail.txt" into the same directory. (that should be available with most of e-mail software products).
  • Load each application stored to the file "meld.txt" into a file "table.csv" by launching "meld2021.exe". The first call of "meld2021.exe" creates a file "tabelle.csv", if it does not already exist. Each further call adds a line to this spreadsheet table (Excel, Libre Office etc.).
  • In case of questions or problems, you may request our support – mailto: with subject "meld2021 - Question".

Why you should better initiate and not organise your event

When you initiate an event, you inform others, that you have the intention to e.g. hike or bike at a certain date and place. Anyone, who feels like it, is welcome to accompany the initiator (i.e. you) – at own responsibility and risk.

If you organise an event, then you are the formal organiser. This means, that if participants suffer damage (also through their own fault), you may be sentenced to so-called organiser liability – that could easily cost you a million EUR. Although this is not a law, it is current German case law.