At the end of a week of good weather at beginning of September, two more days should bring us midsummer temperatures and sparkling skies before the next lows threaten us again with thunderstorms and heavy rain. Mic had conducted a small survey among naturists in the region, to see, whether there was interest in cycling through the north-western Münsterland on Wednesday.
A small group of bikers in the buff in Münsterland
1/3: A small group of bikers in the buff in Münsterland
A total of five nude cycling fans came together to pedal the 40 km circular route. One of them, however, only joined the group at Bahnhofscafé Horstmar, where the cyclists stopped for their lunch break. For him, the start time of 10:30 am was too early because of his long journey to the spot and the cool morning air being not ideal enough for nude cycling for him – instead, he was able to cycle the last 20 km back to the station café in the afternoon in pleasant 27°C air.
The café is located at the old Rheine-Coesfeld railway line, on which passenger traffic was first discontinued in 1984, then freight traffic in 1993. In the meantime, the railway embankment has been transformed into an almost 40 km long Radbahn Münsterland [en: Münsterland Cycle Track], which has become a centre of attraction for cyclists, skaters, and inline skaters due to its minimal gradient and smooth asphalt surface.
Harvesting elderberries
2/3: Harvesting elderberries
The route led through a varied environment of Münsterland with farming districts, fields, and forests. At several places, the naturists could take advantage of the harvest time to pick plump elderberry umbels from the bushes or to taste in between an apple from a tree along the way.
Sometimes, there was also oncoming traffic.
3/3: Sometimes, there was also oncoming traffic.

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