Isabelle Schad< studied classical dance in Stuttgart during 9 years. Afterwards she danced classical ballet for 6 years. In 1999, she made a radical shift: Since then, she created her own choreographic works and projects, in which the human body serves in a totally new way as integrated part of an ensemble of corpses.

Isabelle Schad – photo Bettina Stöss – Wikimedia Common License

"Pieces and Elements" is part II of a trilogy (after “Collective Jumps”), in which the physical moves of each individual participant on stage is merged into those of all others to a harmonic overall move or in which the different impulse of the individual is taken over by the others, thus eventually forming new harmony from inconsistent moves, that were initially carried out side by side.

For example, it is fascinating to see, how the arms of 6 dancers coalesce to two dancing snakes, that seem to move freely through the room, while the bodies of the dancers, all covered in black, practically disappear in front of the dark background (hint: last part of the trailer from [0:00:57] on).

Isabelle Schad – Solo for Lea – Wikimedia Common License

Also spectacular are collective contortions by the nude dancers: part of them being artistic arm and leg positions, partly acrobatic motion sequences. Most imposing, however, is the harmony of the moving action, disappearing again and again in order to be developed once more in renewed collectivity


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