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Classified art videos

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Advertising uses several methods to draw your attention and have you look and listen attentively as long as possible. We have found some videos, which use bodypainting in place of clothes and are suitable to generate a positive impression.

Allir úr! [en: Nothing but the watch: Get out of your clothes!]

In November 2020, “Nova Úrlausn (eSIM)” published a video via the Vimeo account “Novaisland” with the title “Allir úr!“.

It shows naktiv people, is an advertisement by an Icelandic telecommunications provider to leave the smartphone at home and actually do sports “dressed” only dressed with a Smartwatch. Of course, you can categorise this as “eye-catcher”. Two websites give hints, that it could really be about a naktiv lifestyle. Judge for yourself1)!

Nova - Allir úr
Nova - Allir úr

Bodypainting on almost nude skin

We have found several video clips produced for Air New Zealand, including a Making Of. Another video is apparently an advertisement for a fitness club. The staged reactions of other people are exciting to watch, as they probably tell more about their inner restraints, than they would be willing and able to tell, if they were asked about it.

If you look closely, you will see in individual scenes, that the painted “nudes” are not completely stripped nude, but wear mini slips. This is a bit of a pity, but we overlook this detail, because the messages have a positive effect on the whole and give reason to smile. However, be honest: Could you really imagine to spend a day at your place of work only “dressed” with a mini slip and paint on nude skin? If so, do it and send us photos / videos, your text, and comments from your colleagues.


1) We accept this with a twinkle in our eyes, because this advertisement presents nude lifestyle as normal and commonplace and promotes being naktiv. In Iceland, at prime time in the evening, national television showed this advertisement for the benefit of mental health. Quote:
“Nova wants to draw attention to the importance of mental health and how mental well-being can be improved. We encourage people to pay attention to screen time, social media surfing, and television. With the campaign, we celebrate the body. We are all beautiful, and we want people to feel good, just the way they are. In the social media, we are overwhelmed with unrealistic claims to beauty and body – instead of reality. Excessive use of social media can affect our self-image, and Úrlausn (eSIM) is a good way to spend less time in front of the screen.
We really need to talk about self-love and respect for our bodies. We have all kinds of shapes and sizes. This is our new advertisement in all its glory. There is nothing to hide. Nothing to be ashamed of. Just the way we are.”
 – Source: Explanatory text on “Allir úr!” (, issue: December 2020, layout modified by the author

Dagmar Trodler explains the background in an article in German with the title “Werbeclip ‚Alles Uhr!‘ erobert soziale Medien” on the website of the Icelandic magazine Iceland Review:
“‘The advertising clip of an Icelandic telecommunications provider is […] on everyone's lips. […] Nothing to hide. Nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing, but the watch.’ (the latter slogan is a pun, ‘úr’ means of course watch, but also get out, in the sense of ‘everybody get out of your clothes’) […]”
 – Source: “Werbeclip ‘Alles Uhr!’ erobert soziale Medien” (, 5 November 2020, translated, layout modified by the author