1 Julia Gaes 2018Julia Gaes (* 1993 in Wittingen) studied photography in Bielefeld and accompanied during this time numerous naturist activities in Germany. With her photographs, she did not only achieve the “Bachelor of Arts", but was successfully represented at numerous exhibitions in Germany and abroad 2 One of 11 photos from 2014 awarded 2015and also published a book “Die Naturisten" [en: “The Naturists"].

Julia's commitment is certainly more broadly based: As early as 2015, during a study trip to Russia, she addressed the situation of people with LGBT backgrounds living there. Since 2018, she has been continuing her studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg and has been involved, among other things, in the “Raffael Album" project at the Hamburg Kunsthalle.


3 In the exhibition of students' works 2018
In the exhibition of students' works 2018