Jock sturges photographed adolescents in the buff. His idea was, not to get pictures of human bodies, but of their felings, their hearts, their souls. He stayed connected with them during long time documenting their development as person with his photos.
 –  On, “Jock Sturges”, you may read more about his mode of practice.

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The persons, which Jock Sturges photographed, didn't undress for Jock's photos – they enjoyed their lifestyle in the nude, being already nude at his arrival and staying in the buff, when he left. Because of taking photos of adolescents and publishing them, he had to experience trouble: Police raided his studio with the suspicion of pornography. It took years to state his innocence and to return his equipment and photos. Extremist religious bigots in the USA besieged bookshops intending to crush photobooks of his works.
He is not simply interested in photographing nude bodies of persons, but to accompany humans during long time documenting the beauty of the human body and personal development.
 – On, “Jock Sturges: Absence of Shame”, you may read more about his way of working.