D · 2022: The myth of ‘Nackter Jörg’


Photo: Deep Link to German daily newspaper FAZ

Those speaking of him usually do so with a smile. Yet hardly anyone knows who the city-famous naked man was and what became of him. About an urban legend.
At the height of his fame, Naked Jörg was even mentioned in travel guides about Frankfurt. Together with refering to cathedral, Römer, and the Goethe House. ‘Lonely Planet’, which otherwise described the Main metropolis quite clichédly as the ‘embodiment of Western capitalism’, reported, there was a man in Sachsenhausen, who walked around completely undressed with a walkman. To this day, he is also mentioned in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia. ‘A contemporary Sachsenhausen original is Naked Jörg, a nudist.’ The man never wears clothes, except for light footwear, they say. ‘His identity and motivations are the subject of numerous legends.’ […]”
 – 2022, translated, layout modified by author
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Note: ‘Sachsenhausen’ is the name of a neighbourhood of Frankfurt (Main) located in the center at the southern bank of Main River near to main railway station, Frankfurt Trade Fair, and high buildings of banks.
Note: ‘Römer’ is the name of a medieval building used as townhall. Cit.:
“The Römer (German surname, ‘Roman’) is a medieval building in the Altstadt of Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and one of the city's most important landmarks. The Römer is located opposite the Old St. Nicholas church and has been the city hall (Rathaus) of Frankfurt for over 600 years. The ‘Römer merchant family sold it together with a second building, the ‘Goldener Schwan’ (Golden Swan), to the city council on March 11, 1405 and it was converted for use as the city hall. The ‘Haus Römer’ is actually the middle building of a set of three located in the Römerberg plaza.”
 – (en.wikipedia.org), 2022, layout modified by author

P · 2021: Nude at a grape harvest in a vineyard in Portugal

On Sunday 19 September, an innovative grape harvest took place in a vineyard near Grândola in the south of Portugal:
In Portugal, naturists tried their hand at harvesting grapes in the simplest of clothes on Sunday at an estate located about 100 kilometres south of Lisbon. With the temperature approaching 30°C, a dozen grape pickers wearing only shoes, a hat, or a cap walked through a plot of land in a vineyard near Grândola in the Alentejo, one of the country's most important wine regions.
“This harvest is a premiere in Portugal and the participants have to be congratulated.“, at this day organised at the Herdade Canal Caveira estate, Filipa Gouveia Esteves, president of the Portuguese Naturism Federation, told AFPTV. “Naturism is growing in Portugal, people have become more open to its practice.“, she added.
“Naturism is a state of being connected to nature. Even if I have my cap and shoes on, you take your clothes off.“, said Manuel Patrocinio, a participant in his fifties. Regulated by a law amended in 2010, naturism is legal in Portugal since 1988.
The above text is a translation of an article “Tout nus dans les vignes pour faire les vendanges” (lessentiel.lu) in the Luxembourgish free daily L'essentiel [en: The essential], which also contains 20 photos of the grape harvest in the nude.
Thanks for the link to Bernd!

2020 Nakation: Lovely coinage discovered!

It is a simple, compelling coinage: “naked vacation” is just “nakation” – short, remains in your mind!
As you may discover by browsing through the following citates, this means helpful information by media, fun, a wonderful, healthy lifestyle, and also a serious, growing business.
Have fun living your personal lifestyle in the nude, stay naktiv, plan your next nakation.

Articles about the topic “nakation” present i.e. these related topics:

Increase in body-positive messaging in the media
The latest travel trend is the naked vacation
Nude recreation is fast becoming a billion-dollar-a-year-industry
Nakation on Ile du Levant, France
Nakation prescribed for therapeutic reasons
First time in a naturist camp, yet a beloved lifestyle

 ► Nakation: increase in body-positive messaging in the media

Cit: “If you've ever dreamed of walking through your favorite resort in your birthday suit or soaking under the sun with nothing more than SPF 30 on your body, then maybe you are in need of a nakation. Forbes recently coined the new buzzword that they anticipate catching on quickly in 2020. From the popularity of sustainable travel to the increase in body-positive messaging in the media, nude vacations could be the latest travel trend.”
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Introducing Nakations – Nude Vacations, And They Are Growing In Popularity” (travelnoire.com)

 ► Nakation: naked vacation the latest travel trend

Cit: “Forget eco-travel and medical tourism, the latest travel trend is the naked vacation – the ‘nakation’ – with nude cruises, couples' resorts and clothing-free getaways increasingly appealing to millennial holidaymakers. […] Travel industry experts suggest that nude recreation is fast becoming a billion dollar-a-year industry. It's certainly bringing in big bucks in Florida, where the state's tourism department reports that nude recreation made a US$7.4 billion economic impact in the Sunshine State last year.”
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Nude cruises and ‘nakation’ resorts – why holidays without clothes are life’s next naked pleasure” (scmp.com)

 ► Nakation: nude recreation fast becoming a billion-dollar-a-year-industry

Cit: “The ‘nakation’ — aka clothing-optional tourism — is becoming one of the fastest-growing segments of the travel industry. […] Travel industry experts suggest that nude recreation is fast becoming a billion-dollar-a-year industry. It's certainly bringing in big bucks in Florida, where the state's tourism department reports that nude recreation made a $7.4 billion economic impact in the Sunshine State last year.”
 – Read more:

Are you ready for a ‘nakation’?” (tampabay.com)

 ► Nakation: on Ile du Levant, France

Cit: “If you’re a keen advocate for naturism, and you haven't yet made a visit to Ile du Levant, you need to move that up on your bucket list. It’s one of a handful of places that has self-identified as the birthplace of naturism.”
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A naturist's blog: The ‘Right to Bare All’ … and other news from Ile du Levant” (meanderingnaturist.com)

 ► Nakation: prescribed for therapeutic reasons

Cit: “If you ask Nick and Lins, the virtues of the ‘nakation’ even border on the therapeutic. ‘A lady we met in a naturist resort in Thailand told us this story about how her friend was advised by a psychiatrist to give nudism a try’, says Nick. The woman overcame her fragilities and issues, largely due to the shared vulnerability and sense of conquered fear she experienced as a result of nuding up with others. ‘When we met a psychologist at a nudist resort in Mexico, we told her this story. Her reply was pretty simple: «Oh, I prescribe that all the time.»’.”
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All-nude travel for the masses? Behind the rise of the ‘nakation’” (adventure.com)

 ► Nakation: first time in a naturist camp, yet a beloved lifestyle

Cit: “He's Canadian, she's English. They are both stark naked.
They are on 'nakation', the term for holidaying without clothes, at Katikati Naturist Park, the only private nudist park in the North Island and one of only two private naturist holiday resorts in New Zealand, although there are 17 landed clubs around the country.
The couple spotted a road sign pointing to the naturist park on the highway towards Tauranga, and turned down the 1.5km rural lane to discover the camp, set in 5.7 hectares of native bush alongside the Uretara stream.
It's their first time in a naturist camp.
‘If you had asked me five years ago would I be in a place like this, I would have said no. To the outside, it may seem weird but it's really not. It's chill, relaxed.’”
 – Read more:

Local Focus: Bay a hot spot for 'nakation', with nudist cafe & nude karaoke” (nzherald.co.nz)

NZ · 2020 – Vera Alves (NZ Herald): New Zealand, we need to talk.

Cit: “[…] For such a progressive country […] we've still got some pretty archaic views on things.

This week alone, we've had headlines about a mum being asked to cover up while breastfeeding her child and a family shocked after spotting a group of naked swimmers in a public reserve.

Does any major trauma come from seeing a stranger's intimate body parts?

If the answer is yes, you've really got to start asking yourself why. […] If you're getting your knickers in a twist, maybe the knickers are the problem.” – Read more:

Comment: Nothing wrong – and lots right – with a bit of public nudity (nzherald.co.nz)

D · 2020: Nude to the Theaterhaus Jena on 15 February for the play ‘Nackt’

Several performances of the play "Nackt" [en: "Nude"] Theaterhaus Jena, photo: Andreas Praefcke creativecommons.org/license 3.0, written by the Dutch director Lizzy Timmers, are currently taking place at the Theaterhaus Jena.

Information about the play and the performance (theaterhaus-jena.de)

What could be more obvious with this topic than to open at least one of the performances to interested naturists? So, some of them have taken the initiative and asked the theatre for such an event. The theatre management is open and positive about the idea and now invites spectators to attend the performance on Saturday, 15 February 2020 in the nude.

Link to the theatre's playing schedule (theaterhaus-jena.de)

Part of the auditorium will be reserved for naturists. If you would like to participate, you can register here.

Calendar of nudevents (excerpt)

The theatre itself also announces the event as "FKK-Tag" [en: "naturist day"] both in the programme and in a flyer and also accepts registrations. We hurried up, because the theatre hall is relatively small and the number of seats in the hall is limited!