Initiated by Helmut Z., a total of 10 couples and 4 singles met in the naturist centre “Domaine de la Sablière, Centre de vacances naturistes” for nude hikes and other activities in the mountainous area sculptured by the rivers Cèze and Ardèche, and, of course, to blithely spend time together for a week.

► Sun 21 May: First exploration of the area around the Domaine de la Sablière [24 May 2017]

Four men and a woman went on a first nude hike to explore the surroundings around their naturist accommodation in Provence. They started directly from the campsite.

On a first nude hike to explore the surroundings
On a first nude hike to explore the surroundings

We could enjoy beautiful summer weather in May and the smell of wild herbs such as thyme and rosemary filling the air. The perfume of lavender, still green according to the season, created a desire for a repetition in summer.

At the end of the day, we met further naturists and enjoyed dinner together.

► Mon 22 May: Nude track hiking along the Cèze [24 May 2017]

Fifteen naturists first drove several kilometers downriver, to hike back to their naturist centre. At the start of the hike, the sky showed a few scattered clouds, which hid the sun only at times. After 13 km of hiked distance and cumulated 350 m up and down, the hike in the buff ended directly at the naturist camp.

In the evening, we enjoyed again good French cuisine.

► Tue 23 May: Track hiking in the valley of the Ardèche [24 May 2017]

This time, 15 naturists went to the neighboring valley of the Ardèche to hike through an unusual landscape. Two bathing places offered welcome refreshment due to midsummer weather in springtime. The hike of 12 km, which nevertheless took the whole day, because we had to climb in between and took breaks for swimming, ended in the late afternoon at a temperature of more than 30°C.

In the evening, the fifteen welcomed another naturist couple. Together, everyone went to dinner – only with a towel to sit on, latchkeys, and some money or credit card.

► Wed 24 May: Nude canoe tour on the Cèze [26 May 2017]

12 naturists paddled over a distance of approx. 23 km on the Cèze. We had a sunny and summery pleasure. The tour finishes directly at the campsite.

Canoes on the shore of the Cèze
Canoes on the shore of the Cèze

► Thu 25 May: Circular hike in the buff at the Cèze [26 May 2017]

The day served for recreation. Twelve naturists hiked directly from the campsite. On the way, in fact a fitness circuit, we passed several station for sports.

Beginning of an upswing 
Beginning of an upswing

We took our first break on a natural balcony with a beautiful view over the valley of the Cèze. Far below, we took then the second break on the terrace of the restaurant of a neighbouring naturist campsite. After a long break for bathing and swimming in the Cèze, we then hiked back along a picturesque castle ruin.

► Fri 26 May: Track hiking to the natural basins of Concluses [26 May 2017]

21 naturists from France and Germany met to hike together through a valley adjacent to the Cèze. Several pools, in fact natural basins created by the power of the watercourse, offered – in midsummer weather at more than 30°C – welcome bathing fun again. The nude hike ended after 9 km and cumulative 250 meters up and down. At the dinner, the naturists reviewed the events of the week, because some people already had to say goodbye until the next reunion. This will surely not take long, thanks to many upcoming naturist activities.

 – Report and Photos: Rainer and Horst

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