Nude at a grape harvest in a vineyard in Portugal [8 October 2021]

On Sunday 19 September, an innovative grape harvest took place in a vineyard near Grândola in the south of Portugal:
In Portugal, naturists tried their hand at harvesting grapes in the simplest of clothes on Sunday at an estate located about 100 kilometres south of Lisbon. With the temperature approaching 30°C, a dozen grape pickers wearing only shoes, a hat, or a cap walked through a plot of land in a vineyard near Grândola in the Alentejo, one of the country's most important wine regions.
“This harvest is a premiere in Portugal and the participants have to be congratulated.“, at this day organised at the Herdade Canal Caveira estate, Filipa Gouveia Esteves, president of the Portuguese Naturism Federation, told AFPTV. “Naturism is growing in Portugal, people have become more open to its practice.“, she added.
“Naturism is a state of being connected to nature. Even if I have my cap and shoes on, you take your clothes off.“, said Manuel Patrocinio, a participant in his fifties. Regulated by a law amended in 2010, naturism is legal in Portugal since 1988.
The above text is a translation of an article „Tout nus dans les vignes pour faire les vendanges“ ( in the Luxembourgish free daily L'essentiel [en: The essential], which also contains 20 photos of the grape harvest in the nude.
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New book in German about nude experiences published: Marc Engelhardt – Ich bin dann mal nackt [18 August 2021]

“Ich bin dann mal nackt“ [en: “I'm in the nude then“] is the name of a book, which Marc Engelhardt wrote based on his own experiences gathered on his travels all over the world – including a nude hike in Bergisches Land in September 2020.
Ich bin dann mal nackt
A chapter in his book is about this hike. He also reports on numerous and very different kinds of activities in the nude from the most diverse cultural backgrounds all over the world, for example:
► a nude cruise with around 2000 passengers,
► a traditional nude happiness run in wintry Japan,
► in a hammam in Morocco.
The publisher informs about the book in German on a dedicated website.
Website offers a reading sample of the first 24 pages. To buy your own copy, just click order the book.
Website presents an interview with Marc “Nacktsein ist Widerstand gegen soziale Zwänge“ [en: “Being in the nude is resistance against social constraints“], another interview “VON EINEM, DER (SICH) AUSZOG, UM NACKT ZU SEIN“ [en: “OF ONE, WHO DISROBED HIMSELF, TO HEAD OFF IN THE NUDE“] offers BR Kulturwelt.
German weekly published mag SPIEGEL offers a 36 min long podcast with the title “Smarter leben – Body Positivity: Wieso uns Nacktsein glücklich machen kann“ ( [en: “Live smarter – Body Positivity: Why being in the nude can make us happy“].
– Addendum [10 September 2021], thanks for the link to Thomas.
Jörg Thadeusz has produced another 27 min long podcast with the title “Marc Engelhardt – nackte Tatsachen“ ( [en: Marc Engelhardt – hard facts about your lifestyle in the nude“] for German regional TV and radio broadcasting station WDR. Internet service WDR-Mediathek offers this podcast for download ( at least until 10 September 2022.
– Addendum [10 September 2021], thanks for the link to Gunther.
Publishing house “Verlag Nürnberger Presse“ (VNP) offers on website an interview with Marc entitled “Weltreise ohne Hose: Darum sind Nackte glücklichere Menschen“ [en: “World tour without trousers: This is, why people in the nude are happier people“] about his book.
– Addendum [20 September 2021], thanks for the link to Bernd.

Protest against poisoning in forests successful [17 May 2021]

In spring 2019, more than 100,000 people joined efforts in a petition at to fight “poison named ‘Karate Forst flüssig’ [en: ‘Karate Forest liquid’] to be sprayed in Brandenburg's forests“ – contrary to plans of the Ministry of Forestry in Potsdam. The petition was successful: The Higher Administrative Court banned the spraying due to a law suit by NABU Brandenburg. [ The Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. ("Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union") or NABU is a German non-governmental organisation (NGO) dedicated to conservation at home and abroad, including the protection of rivers, forests and individual species of animals.]

Our citizens' action now has a monument: the “Stone of 100,000“ commemorates 100,976 signatories of the successful petition!

Image: deep link to

Read more: “NEUIGKEIT ZUR PETITION: Stein der 100.000“ (

This map Borkwalde, Siebenbrüderweg shows, where the “Stone of 100,000“ is located.


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