New book in German about nude experiences published: Marc Engelhardt – Ich bin dann mal nackt [18 August 2021]

“Ich bin dann mal nackt“ [en: I'm in the nude then] is the name of a book, which Marc Engelhardt wrote based on his own experiences gathered on his travels all over the world – including a nude hike in Bergisches Land in September 2020.
There is also a chapter in his book about this hike, but he also reports on numerous and very different kinds of nude activities from the most diverse cultural backgrounds all over the world, for example:
► a nude cruise with around 2000 passengers,
► a traditional nude happiness run in wintry Japan,
► in a hamam in Morocco.
The publisher informs about the book in German on a dedicated page, the website presents an interview in German with Marc, another interview in German offers BR Kulturwelt.
Website offers a reading sample of the first 24 pages.
German weekly published mag SPIEGEL offers a 36 min long podcast with the title
“Smarter leben – Body Positivity: Wieso uns Nacktsein glücklich machen kann“ ( [en: Live smarter – Body Positivity: Why being in the nude can make us happy].
– Addendum [10 September 2021], thanks for the link to Thomas.
Jörg Thadeusz has produced another 27 long podcast with the title “Marc Engelhardt – nackte Tatsachen“ ( [en: Marc Engelhardt – hard facts about your lifestyle in the nude] for German regional radio and TV broadcasting station (link to Google). Internet service WDR-Mediathek offers this podcast for download ( at least until 10 September 2021.
– Addendum [10 September 2021], thanks for the link to Gunther.
Ich bin dann mal nackt

NL · Kunsthal: “Naked Tour“ on 26 June already sold out [15 June 2021]

Unfortunately, registration via the natury calendar of naktivities was exceptionally not possible this year.

Kunsthal informs you in short on “SAT 6 JUN 18:30-22:00 We Are Anmals Naked Tour“ ( about the exhibition's concept and the “Naked Tour“. When you click the button “BOOK YOUR TICKET HERE!“ at the end of the page, Kunsthal's online booking system informs you:
“Sorry, there are no more online tickets for the selected date. Please choose another day.“

Read more: “WE ARE ANIMALS FEB. 5, 2021 – OCT. 24, 2021“ (

You can find information about the Corona rules at Kunsthal in Dutch and English on Kunsthal's website.

Due to standard Corona measures (mouth-nose protection, time slot, and limited number of participants), we ask you this year to arrange your own visit to Kunsthal via online ticket sales. Kunsthal does not require prior testing, however, for a stay of longer than 12 hours in the Netherlands after entering from Germany, a negative test is mandatory according to current information (15 June 2021). As soon as a normal visit will be possible again in the context of Corona, we will gladly arrange the initiative for a visit and, if necessary, a German dubbed translation of the guided tour for you.

– Guido

Outages [23 May 2021]

The natury website was unavailable several times during the last few days hourglasswith outages ranging from a few minutes to almost 2 hours. We apologise for these instabilities. The cause was heavy server load by so-called bots (“robots“), i.e. software-controlled users of the website. We are still in the process of clarifying exactly, which bots were the cause, in order to be able to avoid future disruptions. As soon as we have clear results, we will report. In the meantime, we ask for your understanding and, if necessary, your patience!

natury website moved to another provider [17 May 2021]

With the move to a new server, the individual language versions of the natury website have also their own URLs: (EN), (NL) and (FR) are now set up alongside (DE) in an independent installation. The move has – of course – caused some tidying up, and we apologise for any small inconvenience this may have caused! We are working diligently to ensure, that everything runs smoothly again soon…

In particular, URLs have been simplified:

Also, we have switch from long so-called relative to shorter direct URLs. Examples:

The natury website offers several menus, which appear depending on the size of the screen and window. Whether you use a large monitor at a desktop system, a notebook, a tablet, or a smartphone, you will find appropriate navigation tools.
Also, there are selective tools “Select article“ and “Sitemap“ as well as a search tool for one or several keywords near the bottom of each page. A so-called breadcrumb tool below that displays, where you are in the menu structure letting you navigate up by one or several steps.

Protest against poisoning in forests successful [17 May 2021]

In spring 2019, more than 100,000 people joined efforts in a petition at to fight “poison named ‘Karate Forst flüssig’ [en: ‘Karate Forest liquid’] to be sprayed in Brandenburg's forests“ – contrary to plans of the Ministry of Forestry in Potsdam. The petition was successful: The Higher Administrative Court banned the spraying due to a law suit by NABU Brandenburg. [ The Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. ("Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union") or NABU is a German non-governmental organisation (NGO) dedicated to conservation at home and abroad, including the protection of rivers, forests and individual species of animals.]

Our citizens' action now has a monument: the “Stone of 100,000“ commemorates 100,976 signatories of the successful petition!

Image: deep link to

Read more: “NEUIGKEIT ZUR PETITION: Stein der 100.000“ (

This map Borkwalde, Siebenbrüderweg shows, where the “Stone of 100,000“ is located.

E · Nude pilgrim and streaker during Europe League football match in Granada with Manchester United [10 April 2021]

In Granada's Europe League match with Manchester United, the streaker Olmo Garcia Guerrero once again managed to dash naked onto the pitch and demonstrate for better connection with nature.

Bernd informed us about an article in Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung: “LOKALE BERÜHMTHEIT: Nackter Flitzer regt bei Granada gegen ManUtd auf!” ( Many thanks for that!

This newspaper article informs, that Olmo is well known for strolling around in the buff in Granada – the Spanish city, where he lives. Also, it informs about a Nude Pilgrimage reported by national and international media. In an article of Galician newspaper La Voz de Galicia [en: The Voice of Galicia] “SANTIAGO: ¿Quién es el peregrino que hizo las últimas etapas del Camino desnudo de pies a cabeza?” (, you may read more and watch photos concerning that.

UK · Man fined for mobbing nude cyclists [23 March 2021]

A magistrate's court in Chelmsford (county of Essex in England, about 45 km northeast of London) has fined a 27-year-old man £180 and ordered him to pay compensation to the victims.

Gazette Standard

He had insulted two nude cyclists, who were on the road as part of the annual World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), in a very nasty way. The cyclists had recorded his rant on video and filed a complaint to the police.

This verdict is remarkable in a country, where a man like Stephen Gough already had to spend more than ten years in prison, just because he hiked in the nude.

In the present trial, however, it was not about the judicial evaluation of nude cycling, but about the insulting remarks towards the nude cyclists. The WNBR is a registered and approved naked cycling event in England.

Man who hurled abuse at Clacton naked cyclists hit with fine

Comment by Bernard, UK

  1. The prosecution was under the Public Order Act because current hate crime legislation focuses on ethnic, religious, gender and disability only.
  2. The two perpetrators pled guilty at the last moment, so there was no discussion of the issues in court. One was fined £150 and each paid £50 costs, but at least they got criminal records.
  3. Some comments posted by readers to the newspaper's site were so filled with further hate that some BN*) members have made formal complaints to the newspaper's editor, and they have all been removed.
  4. At the time of the ride in 2019, Clacton Council whipped up feeling against WNBR.


*) “BN” is short for organisation “British Naturists”.


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