NEWT group photo 2019Austrian Alps, 2019: Naked European Walking Tour (NEWT). Founded by Richard in 2005, now initiated by Pascal, Clarisse, and Roland: Participants from up to 12 nations met for hiking the Alps nude. Most of the group members stay in a rented hut and share meal preparation there, but a smaller group regularly undertakes two or three day tours with tents, i.e. they also spend nights in nature. At least once, the tent group returns to the hut to refresh their supplies.

Nature and naturism harmonise better in the natural surroundings of the mountains NEWT Martinthan anywhere else, but this year the landlord of the accommodation imposed a clothing requirement on the property and pool for the approximately 40 naturists. So it remains unclear whether NEWT will take place again in Austria, or whether another host country will be chosen.

Nevertheless, NEWT 2019 remained an event with highly attractive nude hikes in alpine surroundings every day. The individual hikes offered very varied experiences and insights into the fascinating world of mountain nature – including swimming in ice-cold lakes or rolling in snow.

Martin, a member of the 'Sächsische Nacktwanderfreunde', reports about NEWT 2019 in a detailed, personal photo report; Andreas has contributed additions from the point of view of the tent group.

 – Thanks to Martin and Andreas for providing this report!

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