On the banks of the Neye DamFor book author Marc, the subject of nudity is reason for a research trip around the world to report his own experience and feelings. Hiking in the buff is a topic. He went on a nude hike with us. Living in Geneva and coming across the German practice of nude hiking, he used a stay in Cologne to meet others also for the nude hike with us. He talked to the other participants at length and in detail, to gather information for one of many chapters in his book, which is scheduled for publication in 2021 – natury will report.

Encounter on the dam wallThe route, we have chosen for the nude hike, is a circuit around the Neye Dam, which has been an occasional nude hiking destination for many years, and where you can easily engage in conversation during the hike, because you don't have to concentrate much on the trail.

The forest's leaf canopy, which thinned out in late summer, let enough sunlight through to warm the air to 23°C, and now and then we could look out over the lake, which lay under a completely cloudless sky.

The “Café an der Neyetalsperre” was a perfect place for the nude hiking group (now dressed), to take stock of the day's hiking with coffee, cake, and ice cream. At neighbouring tables, we saw again all the hikers, which we had encountered previously nude during our hike.

View from the dam wall to the lake

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