The natury website Art outside – Cooling down insideexists in German and with focus on nude life in Germany since 1999 – ramped-up and operated since then by one single naturist.

Later, natury went international and polyglot. This is possible, because several people provide support voluntarily.

We all together in the altogether – working bee service by you for all of us

Would you like to inform others about upcoming naktivities or about reports on happened naktivities?

Could you be tempted to participate in initiated naktivities? Are you interested to initiate naktivities on your own?

Then go ahead.

Also, you may print naturist posters on shirts, wear them in crowded areas, e.g. when shopping, get them printed in poster size and hang them on walls, or print brochures, offer them to interested people, answer questions, make clothed people smile, and thus do marketing for nude lifestyle.

What to do more?

Could you be tempted to …

… report about nude life?

We invite you, to report interesting experiences regarding nude life, which you would like to share with other readers. Tell us about your feelings and impressions during naktivities, about encounters with clothed people. Write your own report, which we would happily add to reports. Attach photos and perhaps add a link to a video in Internet. Make sure, that identifiable persons have agreed with the publication.

Also, you may inform us about external articles concerning nude life in public media.

… explain the situation of nudity and law in a country?

Concerning nudity and law, you are invited, to further improve our regarding articles or to add regarding information about further countries.

Tell us about encounters with police officers in Germany, in Austria, or in another country, where you were nude.

… translate content of the natury website from German to English?

Yet, there is so far untranslated information. Therefore, it will take time, to have the natury website available in several languages, since all those, who provide voluntarily their contribution to this website, do that on top of their duties and obligations from life.

Are you able to translate content of the natury website? Would you like to volunteer?

… support the natury website with academic studies?

Are you aware of academic studies on benefits of living in the nude?

Are you a professor or a student like Julia interested in studying aspects of a nude lifestyle?

Tick on it? Then don't hesitate …

… to contact us and drop a line to .