D · Nude hiking days in Saxon Switzerland – Mon 14 Aug: Nude bicycle ride into Czech Republic [14 August 2017]

Also in 2017, Wolfgang and Andreas, tireless initiators of nude hikes, invited to participate in their tours in Saxon Switzerland. On Mon 14 August, a bicycle tour along the Elbe River upstream into the Czech Rebublic and back was on schedule.

The traditional cycling trip to the Czech Republic started in quite cool temperatures of less than 17°C. The cold was particularly noticeable in the shade and the strong wind. But the sun eventually appeared in the blue sky and quickly warmed the cyclists.

Of course, we could not bike through the town named Kurort Rathen without a stop at the railway crossing gate. At the exit of the village, we already announced to the mobile ice-maker our return in the afternoon. However, he did not have enough patience to wait for us: on the way back we had to do it without ice cream.

We crossed the bike path construction site (blocked for pedestrians and cyclists: “Lebensgefahr!” [en: “Danger to life!”] between Königstein and Bad Schandau during our forward run with some difficulty, but decided for our way back to cross the Elbe over Bad Schandauer Brücke [en: Bad Schandau Bridge] to continue the journey on the north bank of the Elbe. In 'önigstein, the ferry brought us back to the south side.

The rest of the trip to the Czech Republic and back went as planned. We had lunch of goulash and Bohemian dumplings and other food. At the end of the day we assembled at a restaurant in the Pirna market square and enjoyed the warm summer evening and cheerful socializing.

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