CDN · Hint for a weekend in snow and ice: Nude skiing or snowboarding [4 January 2017]

Why ski suits? Without, it is much more intensive experience! There is an impressive video with real experts. But even, if you are not quite as perfect in skiing or snowboarding – it's always fun. The body has to warm up again after snow contact? The next hut is definitely well heated!

Gallery: Why ski suits?

These pictures found in Usenet are obviously stills of a scene of the movie Valhalla from 2013. Cit.:
“Valhalla was filmed over two years in Nelson, British Columbia, to combine artistically filmed extreme skiing and snowboarding with the plot. Instead of using helicopters, production involved hiking up to the shooting locations and overnight camping; many local skiers and snowboarders appear, and there is a naked skiing and snowboarding scene.” (

[0:02:37] Valhalla: Trailer (Sweetgrass Productions)
Click the following link to watch the video:
[0:02:37] Valhalla: Trailer (Sweetgrass Productions)

Also, you may find the video in the gallery.

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