D · Saxon Naturist Days (SNT) 2021 [23 July 2021]

Saxon Naturist Days took place from 15 to 23 July. More than twenty stayed in a hut, another six camped, in addition, some stayed overnight in other accommodations. On some days, there were also day guests, so that we were sometimes on the way with more than thirty naturists.
Due to the characteristics
  • option for common accommodation in a hut and
  • internationality (this time: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Switzerland) as well as
  • multilingualism (this time: German and English)
SNT 2021 is, after 2020, again in the NEWT category of reports.
After a cheerful barbecue on July 15 and a hike in beautiful weather on July 16, a storm began during dinner with enormous amounts of rain, rising streams and rivers, flooding and corresponding consequences. These days were anything but normal and showed us how small, weak, and vulnerable human existence is, how gigantic the forces of nature are.
Deeply impressed, we wished each other a safe journey, a good time, and good health at a final lunch on 23 July.
Selection of images in the full report
<br />Fri 16: Outlook from Grenzplatte towarts Czech Republic
Fri 16: The fence allows a better overview <br />Sat 17: Info on German public TV news Tagesschau – Translation:<br /> “<b><big>Flooding in Saxon Switzerland</big></b><br /> After heavy rainfall caused by storms, roads in Saxon Switzerland are flooded and some places are no longer accessible. The railway line via Bad Schandau to the Czech Republic is interrupted.“ <br />Sun 18: Group photo the day after the rain <br /> Mon 19: View from Elbe River upwards onto Bastei <br />Tue 20: Up the stairs <br />Wed 21: Panorama from Kaiserkrone <br />Thu 22: Stone basin near Schmilka

– Report: Rainer; photos: Rainer, except denoted ones

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D · Saxon Naturist Days (SNT) 2021 [23 July 2021]


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