D · Golden October for a photo hike in Venner Moor [19 October 2017]

Nude hiking for the practice of photographic art was once again a motive for a 12 km long hike in and around Venner Moor.

Nude photo hike in Venner Moor
Nude photo hike in Venner Moor

Autumn-colored foliage shone intensely in the warm-coloured rays of the sun, and the summery residual tan on the bodies of the hikers mirrored a similar hue. There were few trees in bog and, therefore, little shelter from the elements, especially the sun which was able to contribute powerful heat radiation. We started at noon when the air temperatures were still slightly below 20°C. In these conditions we easily captured the photos we wanted and, as a small reward, had coffee and cake in the late afternoon at the end of the hike. The following day had rain and cool temperatures – so we had probably used the last day of the year with summer temperatures.

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