In 1933, a time began with the German “Third Reich“, in which the nazi government rated the “FKK“ associations as well as other associations as suspicious, at least as long as they were not integrated into the Nazi movement and “forced into line“. In order to rescue the FKK associations, a so-called “Kampfring für völkische Freikörperkultur“ [en: “Fighting Association for racial FKK“] was founded as early as in May 1933. During the first months, 59 associations and leagues joined, others followed. In 1934, this 'Self-protecting Association' was renamed to “Bund für Leibeszucht“ [en: “Union for Body Discipline“] and thus lost the term “FKK“ in its name.

Overall, however, the interest in FKK remained however during the “Third Reich“, however bathing in public without clothing was forbidden until 1942. It was officially declared as abolished for such bathing places, where one could assume, that nobody was watching.

The Nazi regime mis-used FKK for its racial purposes and propagandised it, especially in books such as “Mensch und Sonne“ (in German) [en: Man and sun] by Hans Surén. The book is illustrated with pictures of naked men and women, praises of the penis, instructions for yoga-alike exercises, and tips for naked skiing and hiking!