Hiker in the buff
Image 1 of 4: Hiking in the buff in a Bauerschaft near Merfeld
Two nude hikers set off on a hike in a Bauerschaft1) near Merfeld on the last day of May.
“Mai kühl und nass, füllt's dem Bauern Scheun' und Fass.“ [en: “May cool and wet, it will fill farmer's barn and barrel.“]. Everyone in Germany knows this proverb. However, farmers are already warning: “Nature in 2021 is 3 weeks behind in its development compared to normal years.“
“May cool and wet, then it's fun indoors.“ as a variant of the proverb with regard to the delightful month naturally fitting the Covid situation of current time perfectly. Hence, the mood of the people in view of the first warm sunny days at the end of the month after the long outdoor abstinence was characterised by great relief and conspicuously cheerful: Everyone was “in a very good mood“.
Our hike went along a small country road with buildings of a farm on both sides, father and son were riding scooters forth and back in a relaxed manner. The father asked us in a good mood, “Well, has summer begun?“ We smiled back and answered: “Oh yes. We are enjoying it!“.
Spontaneously, we decided to alter our track and enter Kannebrocksbach Creek already before our planned break. Cooling down was very welcome!
Continuing, on the way to our break car, another father and his child cycling along encountered us and greeted us happily with the question “Enjoying nature?" – “Naturally, with pleasure!“, we answered his greeting. The other encounters with families, couples, and individuals were similarly cheerful.
A stretch between our hiking trail and the creek, through which we were going to wade along and bath in, leads through a tall forest, in which a meadow offered a particularly close-to-nature experience:
When you lie down on such a lush spring meadow, blades of grass tickle your knee pits, stinging nettles provide your skin with their formic acid balm and beetles crawl you up – then, as an initiator of naktivities, you have suddenly a new hiking highlight in your mind: the body-intensive experience of “wallow nude in stinging nettles and letting the extract of nature take effect on you.“
Forest meadow
Image 4 of 4: A fragrant forest meadow inviting you to wallow nude in grass and stinging nettles
It's not a cheap joke:
Skin contact with stinging nettles does no harm, is similar to the effect of chili sauce at palate and tongue. It pushes your blood circulation like a sauna session and a bath in cold water afterwards. After a while, sensations diminish.
Immediately after, you can cool down your body by lying in the brook:
It is a gorgeous experience like being in another world: lying in the brook's sand, washed over, and watching the sky and nature around you.

1) “Bauerschaft” is a German word designating a rural area, in which farm houses are distributed over that area, instead of forming a village. A name is assigned to such a Bauerschaft like it is with villages. The farm houses get house numbers, mostly in the sequence of construction. There is a network of small country roads. Postal addresses look like those of houses with ascending numbers along a street in a village, which may confuse some routing algorithms. You are inmidst nature, pass houses here and there, and get in contact with inhabitants.

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