In 2018, the Westphalian beginning of May offered on one day again the option to chose between biking and hiking:

Sunday offered the warmest temperatures of the naturist days with temperatures of up to 22°C, which, however, felt together with the airstream cool when biking. 5 nude bikers also needed a certain start-up time, until they got bright sunshine onto their bodies. The circuit through the Münster parkland had a length of 50 km.

Without headwind, 8 hikers could enjoy the friendly spring weather faster, so that the group managed its 15 km circuit under best conditions. After approx. 9 km, the hiking group arrived at a depot car for a break.

WNT 2018-04-29 Hiking in the buff
WNT 2018-04-29 Hiking in the buff
 – Photo (hiking): Thomas

They had a nice experience crossing country road L592 near restaurant Lintels Kotten: Half of the hikers in the buff had just crossed the country road, when the others had to wait because of a vehicle approaching. It was a police patrol car. The officers drove on without taking any interest in us. Hiking in the buff is meanwhile so normal, commonplace, and well known.

The warning “Friederike obstructs nude hikes” by natury on 15 April 2018 became unexpectedly topical: The naturists had to overcome some fallen trees, that storm Friederike had thrown onto the track – the hikers at the beginning and at the end, the bikers fortunately only at the end of their tour. Climbing over fallen trees and, at the same time, even hoisting an e-bike over the bulky and pricking obstacle was only possible with a joint effort. Thanks for the help!

For the final dinner, hikers and bikers met again in the restaurant Lintels Kotten.

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