Paths perfect for hiking barefootSpecially marked Pear tree blossomseducational nude hiking trails can help people, who want to try out nude hiking, at the beginning – after that, the rule is: Every trail is a nude hiking trail for you. For the Westphalian Naturist Days (WNT), we regularly look for and try out further trails. In Hohe Mark Forest between Dorsten and Haltern, this has now been achieved extraordinarily quickly: Friedhelm had a rough idea, Rainer planned a draft, and the first test hike brought some experience to further optimise the route. Done:
New educational nude hiking trail for WNT successfully created and tested!

Practically all the people we met answered our greetings or greeted us at first. Some asked us, if we were not cold, other wished “Happy Easter”:
Among walking people, there were many, who cheered us with funny remarks or asked us apparently worried, if we were not cold. A couple on bicycles delighted us with a warm “Happy Easter”. A family responded with complete happiness, when they saw us, children waving at us. From a distance we could still hear “Mum, why are they in the nude?”

Never before have we gone so quickly from the Trees of the yearidea of a naturist hiking route to the finished GPX track: “Designing on suspicion', hiking nude along this path, recording suggestions for changes, hiking nude along the modified route.

Length of the route approx. 18 km, 1 break car after approx. 8 km. About 17 out of 18 km are suitable for barefoot, except for numerous conifer cones on the ground. Very well trained barefoot walkers can also manage the last, gravelled kilometre without shoes, so that for them a hike “without everything' is possible. We pass a special lookout point – whoever has read carefully might already know what it's all about, for everyone else it will be a surprise. A bathing opportunity is not included in the route this time.

Our new educational nude hiking trail “Hohe Mark” for WNT is ready. As soon as COVID-19 based restrictions are abolished, we can experience it together.

 – Report and photos: Rainer

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