This year, I participated for the 2nd time in a so-called nude hiking week: First at the WNT (Westfälische Naturisten-Tage) in July, now at the TNT (Thüringer Naturisten-Tage) in August.

Living in a dress of lightThese days remain in my very pleasant memory, even though we women were generally very underrepresented: With a number of participants of 20 to 40 only about 5 women “dared” to participate. I was with my partner, so I felt safe in the group. In addition, the size of the group and the self-confidence of some experienced participants gave me enough courage to face dressed people, whom we rarely met on our hikes, but whom we did meet from time to time. Most of them were friendly, understanding, and also curious, but some were also severely irritated.

Hiking in a dress of lightThese made me think, why do I want to walk around nude outside!? To this I say, if the surroundings are right, i.e. it is not in a city or in very populated areas, but rather in areas less frequented by people, then I really enjoy “contact” with nature with all my senses. By this I mean, not only eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hands perceive and feed me with information about my surroundings, but also skin and feet.

If they are “locked up” in clothes and shoes, and this is a large part of our body, they are hindered in their perceptive abilities. I was allowed to notice, that my head was incredibly flooded with additional, mostly very pleasant impulses via skin and feet with the processing! So much, that it seemed almost incidental to me, that me and my fellow hikers were in the nude. The “walking barefoot up to the neck” took on a meditative character, so that I was completely occupied with myself and the impulses of the wonderful nature surrounding me.

So, dear women, have the courage! It doesn't matter at all, how woman looks like, or what others, he or she, might think about that. This is not the topic among naturists (at least it is not made a topic)!

 – Angela

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