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We all together – also in the altogether!
We all together – also in the altogether!

Like everything you do for the first time, your first naktivity costs a certain effort, to tackle with memorised conventions and prejudice, and then simply do it. However, once you have done this step, you will tell of deeply moving impressions:

“A revelation, for which the words are missing.”

“In me grew a sense, then a certainty, of what we lost, when we began to walk only clothed …”

“I became part of my environment, and the environment be¬came part of me. Feel the wind all over the whole body. The warmth of the soil, the caressing or scratching of the bushes. My breath …”

“My senses still took the chirping of the birds, the soft rustle of the leaves and my own breath – nothing else. No chafing of clothing, no narrowing feeling, only pure freedom and oneness with nature.”

“For me it was, after initial difficulties, a great experience, which I would definitely like to repeat.”

“The nudity became increasingly normal in the course of the hike.”

“Thank you very much for this experience of freedom and ease.”

Hints level 1: Alone or with a group?

Difficult passage (Source: Usenet)
Difficult passage (Source: Usenet)

Those, who hike alone in the buff, do not have to take others into account. This might be an advantage, but you are also alone, when you meet other hikers. Since still not all fellow citizens are informed about the hobby of nude hiking, unpleasant comments and reactions might happen occasionally. Particularly single men are occasionally considered to be exhibitionists, and that even happens now and then with police officers – although they should know it better.

In a nude hiking group, you are in better hands – especially as an insecure beginner. On the one hand, with 10, 20, or more participants, no one would have the idea, that the hike could be based on sexual motivation (exhibitionism), on the other hand, the group naturally offers protection and security solely through its number: Together, they are strong. In addition, one can rely on the experience of at least the initiator of the hike, who normally can also explain his intentions.

In a group, it is even more pleasant, because you help and support each other – if that is an advantage at a difficult passage.

You may also find on this website further, more specific hints for your first naktivity.

Hints level 2: You would like to initiate a naktivity

Once, a fellow hiker informed us, that he usually hikes in the buff alone and wanted to try out, what it's like to hike nude in a group. Anyone is an individual with different preferences.

Single hiker in the state forest Ravensburg, Germany
Single hiker in the state forest Ravensburg, Germany

In a group it's nicer than alone, because you talk about everything, exchange ideas and experiences, get to know other people, perhaps make friends and plan to do something together with them.

There will probably also be days with great weather, on which you want to be active in the nude, but despite the many entries in the calendar of nudevents, you can't find a group event and your nude friends are busy elsewhere. Don't let this discourage you! Maybe you have already taken part in a few nude hikes, cycling tours etc., know how encounters with clothed people usually work, have listened to conversations and sometimes think about becoming an initiator yourself?

Then don't hesitate to put your plans into practice. Even an encounter with police officers is no different from an encounter with people who are not on duty for the police: They usually ask the same curious questions! There is no reason for you to get nervous.

A naturist, “Luftikus”, put it in a nutshell a few years ago: “If you are convinced of what you are doing and simply do it with a good personal gut feeling in peace and serenity, greet the people you meet kindly, answer questions from others objectively – in other words: behave quite normally, the way you would behave if you were clothed, then it radiates to the outside a serenity and also a feeling of – yes! – security for others.”

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You may also find on the natury website information to share with others in Internet or printed.

Official tracks for nude hiking in Germany: Perfect for your first try

Since 2010, there is the "Harzer Naturistenstieg" in the Harz near Wippra (district of Sangerhausen) and since 2012 in the Lüneburg Heath near Undeloh the "Naturistenweg". Both are official paths for nude hiking, which are designated as such by the responsible municipalities. These paths are particularly suitable for "the first time", so to try, as one feels oneself as nude in the nature. In good weather, both ways are well accepted.

Wippra Undeloh
W = Wippra U = Undeloh

Download a map and a GPX file:

Of course, it is not so much fun to walk always the same path. Actually, this is why you do not need an officially declared nude hiking path; at the most for your own first trial, so you may feel yourself more comfortable as a beginner of nude hiking.

Yes, indeed! Hence, your new motto of naturist life will be: Every hiking path is also a nude hiking path! Just have a look into the calendar of naktivities – there, you may find an event suitable for you.